Show Me Your Empathy

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How do you get a prospect to know quickly, at a cellular level, that you’re in tune with how they’re feeling—and that you’re on their side?
One of the best ways is using what I call an “empathy story.”
Let me explain:
You know how when you’re having a bad day, and you just need someone to talk to about it? Not to smother you with hugs and throw a pity party.
Just to listen to you and have them let you know how you feel?
This is a normal human need. What you’re looking from the other person…

Micro $tories Lesson #2: Credibility-Building $tories

In the last email, we dove deep into the world of social pressure Micro $tories.
Well, as I promised, today we’re going to cover something equally powerful: credibility-building Micro $tories.
If you’ve read my last book, The Persuasion Story Code, you might also recognize them as a kind of Origin Story. In today’s lesson, for convenience, we’ll simply call them track record $tories.
Here’s the thing:
I see it all the time:
Super-talented folks who feel like they’re not cut out for…

Micro $tories Lesson #1: $tories About Social Pressure

Last time, I gave you a hint about what we’re going to be doing with Micro $tories in this short email course.
You know, powerful little narratives specifically tailored for our time-starved digital world.
Ready for the first part?
Strap in. We’re about to reveal the alchemy of crafting one-minute social pressure Micro $tories—that not only captivate but drive action.
1. Identify The Social Pressures Your Target Audience Is Facing—Or Might Face—In The Future
In every product, every…

Announcing Micro $tories Email Course

These days, change is happening at a pace that can make your head spin. The tempo of life, especially with phones and social media, has really sped things up.
And guess what? That includes stories. Especially stories.
So in the next few emails, we’re diving deep into stories for our fast-paced times. I’m calling them…
Micro $tories!
Once you get the hang of them, you’ll be able to grow your audience, sell your products & services and overall persuade people to take your desired action….