Announcing Micro $tories Email Course


These days, change is happening at a pace that can make your head spin. The tempo of life, especially with phones and social media, has really sped things up.

And guess what? That includes stories. Especially stories.

So in the next few emails, we’re diving deep into stories for our fast-paced times. I’m calling them…

Micro $tories!

Once you get the hang of them, you’ll be able to grow your audience, sell your products & services and overall persuade people to take your desired action. And do it all in tune with our speedy modern times—with deadly effectiveness.

So, to help you get a fix on how this all works:

Our attention spans are dwindling.

The internet is like a bustling market, buzzing with distractions that pull us left and right.

Yet, one thing has remained the same: we are always happy to hear, or read, a good story. That hasn’t changed at all.

Micro $tories are the answer.

They’re quick tales made for our online world. They catch your eye and leave a mark, all in a flash.

Micro $tories are bite-sized tales that get the message across much more quickly than the traditional stories we are used to writing and seeing. Traditional stories which, by the way, worked just fine in the past.

Micro $tories are more concise. But they pack as much power as longer $tories.

In fact, these days, they’re more powerful. Much more powerful.

Think about it:

TikTok? You can’t publish anything that’s over 3 minutes long there.

Twitter? You must tell your story in 280 characters or less.

Facebook rewards short-form video content with higher exposure…

The same goes for Instagram and for most other mediums.

The point is this:

TODAY, if you want to quickly build an audience and effectively sell your products and services—be relevant, be helpful and above all—be brief.

In return, you’ll be rewarded with a tribe of followers eager to hear almost anything you have to say.

And when you use Micro $tories the right way?

These same followers will be happy to invest in your paid products or services.

But wait. Hold the phone.

What is the right way to tell a Micro $tory?

What is the way that allows you to cash in on this important new trend… big time?

The answer is a bit too extensive to cram into a single email.

So here’s the deal:

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to take you on a journey, unveiling the secrets, strategies, and techniques you need to craft Micro $tories that captivate, persuade and sell.

In the very next email, we’ll uncover how to craft one-minute social pressure $tories that will truly mesmerize your audience.

This is one of the most attention-grabbing types of $tories out there.

I’ve covered it extensively in my book, The Persuasion Story Code.

Keep your eyes firmly fixed on your inbox.

In the next email, I’m going to show you how to adapt this type of $tory for short-form media.

Until then, stay curious, stay inspired.


David Garfinkel

P.S. Obviously, I’m biased… but the insights and techniques you’re about to discover in this email series are truly groundbreaking. So they might just lay the foundation for a full-blown course. Consider yourself a front-runner, an early adopter.

Because you are getting firsthand access to what might become another game-changer in short-form storytelling.

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