Hi, I'm David Garfinkel

I caught the storytelling bug at the tender age of 8. It all started thanks to a contest on the back of a Sugar Smacks cereal box. Pictured was Sugar Bear, the cheeky mascot, on a risky mission to snatch honey from a beehive. Those bees were hopping mad, and he was in a real pickle!

How could he get away?

In my young mind, it was clear as day: Why not distract the bees with what everyone loves — a bowl of Sugar Smacks? Lay it out on one end of the meadow, and then leg it in the opposite direction. All the bees would stop chasing Sugar Bear and fly over to eat the cereal. Easy-peasy, right?

I wrote that out my answer and mailed it back to the manufacturer.

That’s a good solution, right? The executive in charge of the contest thought so. I was one of the winners, and they sent me a Sugar Bear stuffed doll for a prize. But more important than winning the contest: This was my first persuasion story. And, it had gotten a result.

  • Author of the "The Persuasion Story Code" and a previous international bestseller
  • Speaker at major companies and events
  • Widely regarded as the best persuasion writing teacher ALIVE
  • Creator of multiple courses on persuasion

Fast Forward 15 Years

Fast forward fifteen years from my cereal box win, and there I was, jumping straight into journalism. Back then, you just reported the facts, plain and simple.  But I learned there's an art to it – taking those plain facts and turning them into a story that really hits home with people. It's not about shouting the truth — it's about how you say it.

I was pretty good at it too, climbing the ladder until I landed this big role as the News Bureau Chief for McGraw-Hill in San Francisco. But, you know, something just didn't feel right. I wanted more than just the usual journalism gig. That's when I switched gears and got into sales copywriting around the early 90s. Man, did I love it! It was like I'd finally found where I belonged. One of my big moments? Writing this sales letter for a company called Abacus Travel Management in '93. Guess what? 

That letter pulled in a whopping $40 million in sales! Looking back, I see I was telling $tories in that letter, even if I didn't think of them as such at the time. Reflecting on the journey, I've been in this $torytelling business for a long time — much longer than I realized. Perhaps you've been in it too... but just on the receiving end?

Believe it or not, you most likely have. So now, let's put you in the driver's seat.

How My Work Will Benefit You

  • Close More Deals: Ever felt you were on the brink of sealing a deal, only for it to slip away at the last moment? Persuasion stories can bridge that gap, crafting a narrative that resonates with your potential client or customer, making them feel understood and connected. By strategically presenting your offer in the framework of a relatable story, you'll find clients much more inclined to say "Yes."
  • Bring People Around To Your Opinion Smoothly: Ever faced resistance or skepticism when presenting an idea or opinion? With the art of persuasion stories, you can subtly shift the narrative. These tales act as a gentle nudge, guiding listeners towards your viewpoint without making them feel cornered or pressured. It's like having a soft conversation rather than making a hard sell, letting people warm up to your ideas at their own pace.
  • Gain Trust Faster: In the world of marketing and sales, trust is gold. Persuasion stories allow you to build and establish trust rapidly. When potential clients or customers see themselves in the stories you share, they inherently feel that you "get" them, paving the way for stronger, trust-based relationships.
  • Stand Out From The Crowd: The market is saturated with sales pitches and aggressive advertising. But a persuasion story? That's rare. Mastering this skill sets you apart from the competition. Instead of being just another marketer or salesperson, you become "the one who told that unforgettable story."
  • Simplify Complex Ideas: Some products, services, or concepts are just tough to explain. Persuasion stories act as a bridge, breaking down complicated ideas into relatable tales that anyone can grasp. This means fewer blank stares and more nods of understanding during your pitches.
  • Empower Word-of-Mouth Marketing: A good $tory is shared, retold, and passed along. If your persuasion story strikes a chord, it won't just stay with the original listener. It'll ripple out, being shared among peers, colleagues, and friends, amplifying your reach without extra effort on your part.
  • Boost Your Confidence: Knowing how to spin a $tory that grips listeners not only bolsters your credibility but skyrockets your confidence. You'll walk into meetings, pitches, or even casual conversations with the quiet assurance that you can sway the room.
  • Enhance Personal & Professional Relationships: These stories don’t just work in a sales or business context. They help you connect with people on a deeper level, be it friends, family, or colleagues. Through effective storytelling, you can express empathy and understanding. And, you can forge stronger bonds.
  • Become a Thought Leader: The most respected figures in any industry aren't just knowledgeable — they're also compelling communicators. By weaving facts into captivating narratives, you can position yourself as an industry thought leader, drawing audiences in and making your insights memorable.