Micro $tories Lesson #2: Credibility-Building $tories


In the last email, we dove deep into the world of social pressure Micro $tories.

Well, as I promised, today we’re going to cover something equally powerful: credibility-building Micro $tories.

If you’ve read my last book, The Persuasion Story Code, you might also recognize them as a kind of Origin Story. In today’s lesson, for convenience, we’ll simply call them track record $tories.

Here’s the thing:

I see it all the time:

Super-talented folks who feel like they’re not cut out for success in business. Why? Simply because they don’t have some fancy title, a bunch of degrees, or a wall filled with testimonials.

I get it.

It might seem like every time you glance around, everyone’s flaunting stacks of degrees and heaps of praises. Especially online.

But the fact is…

Believe it or not, most of those folks didn’t have all that credibility under their belt when they were just getting started.

Many of them earned that credibility by offering top-notch products and delivering stellar support…


They rolled up their sleeves, focusing on building their personal brand and image.

And then there are some… ahem…

Let’s just say, not every credential you see out there is as genuine as it claims to be.

That being said, there’s a whole world of ways to build credibility.

And while having a fancy degree or some letters trailing your name is one route, it’s certainly not the only one.


When it comes to persuasion…

NOTHING carries the weight of credibility quite like a track record story. A story that charts your climb from the very bottom to that defining breakthrough moment.

And that’s what Track Record Micro $tories are all about!

Let’s now take a look at how we can create them:

1. Illustrate Your Journey:

To create a story like this, first make a list of all the things you, or the expert you’re writing about, has done to get to this point.

All of them—don’t skimp.

Those might be the steps you took towards your first sale, the first article you wrote that received a lot of praise, or even just a compliment from a friend saying, “Hey, you’re really good at this!”


Last summer Jane started a hobby blog on vegan cooking. No culinary degree. Just pure passion. Her neighbor tried one of her recipes and couldn’t stop raving about it at the next community gathering. Jane’s culinary journey had begun.

2. Relay The Emotion:

How did you feel when you achieved that breakthrough moment? The joy, the surprise, the confidence boost – bottle that feeling and serve it up in your Micro $tory.

Here’s a Micro $tory to illustrate:

“Walking out of my tiny kitchen, I handed Mark a slice of my vegan banana bread. I watched as he took a bite, eyes widening in surprise. ‘Jane, this is the best banana bread I’ve ever tasted!’ That moment, in my small apartment, my culinary journey had its first win.”

You see?

Jane’s track record wasn’t about being a renowned chef or having her recipes on national TV.

It began with a simple slice of banana bread and a compliment.

She could have embedded that Micro $tory in a Facebook post, teasing her followers about the recipe book she was going to publish.

Or at the beginning of a YouTube short to rope in her audience’s attention and make them engage with her video.

In fact, this exact method—of turning simple, real-life situations into credibility-building narratives—is covered in my book, The Persuasion $tory Code.

Want to master this art? Grab your copy here.

Now, your homework: think of that one small win you overlooked.

Mold it into a Track Record Micro $tory. Then, you can share it on Twitter or use it as an opening for a short video or post it on Facebook… it’s up to you.

I promise it’s going to be a game-changer.

In the next email, we’ll cover another exciting Micro $tory type.

But for now, dig deep into your past and find that golden nugget!


David Garfinkel

P.S. Remember, in a world swamped with credentials and loud accolades, these genuine, heartfelt Micro $tories can be the quiet yet compelling force that sets you apart.

Dive deeper into the world of powerful $torytelling with The Persuasion $tory Code.

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