Business Owner Raves Over The Persuasion Story Code

By Gordon, co-founder, | Apr 26, 2024

I left school at 17 years and soon after got a low-paid job that allowed me to rent a house with my friend.  

I had to work long hours during the day, and any spare money I had was spent on learning to drive because I knew that would allow me to earn more money.

This decision landed me in a little bit of debt.

I did this because I knew I could make more money if I learned to drive.

When I finally passed my test, I got a gig delivering pizzas which paid more than my day job but my aspiration was always to start my own business.

Even though I was working every waking hour I still couldn’t afford my bills. 

I dreamed about climbing the career ladder and one day learning a skill that would allow me to start my own business.

I thought about becoming a plumber or electrician at one point. 

What I wanted was some sort of skill I could sell to others and because I had an interest in computers, I gravitated towards online marketing.

I learned about SEO, PPC and social media marketing from blog posts and YouTube.

The biggest challenge was not knowing which content to trust as there was so much conflicting info out there.

It took a long time to know who to trust. (kudos to 




 because they are some of the greatest minds in the SEO industry and their content helped me launch my career.)

What I learned helped me land an entry-level job as an SEO/PPC Exec.

12 years later I started my own business and tonight I celebrated hitting a revenue goal my business partner and I had in mind.

We now have 11 people in total working for my business, and due to demand, I need to recruit again.

A few months ago I bought your book, and while reading it, I thought to myself that I wish somebody handed me your book earlier on my journey because that would have made things so much easier. 

I had to put an incalculable amount of time into trying to learn half as much as you’ve packed into a single chapter.

What you teach in your book can help people regardless of their career choice.

If somebody works in sales, marketing or advertising they will get something from it.

People pay $20,000 for online courses that teach them how to sell online.

You can get just as much value, if not more, for under $20 by getting your book.

I wanted to write this post to show my appreciation for the time and effort that you’ve put into producing something that is genuinely spectacular.

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