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I've read at least a dozen books on storytelling and spent thousands of dollars on storytelling coaching. Storytelling seemed hard until now. David, I wish you would have written this book a year ago.

--Michael Hays on LinkedIn

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In The Persuasion Story Code, you'll get introduced to the subtle art of creating $tories. Unlike traditional stories, the main goal of $tories is not to entertain. It is to persuade. $tories influence behaviors, mold perspectives, change opinions and make people take the actions you desire. 

Meet David Garfinkel

For over thirty years, David Garfinkel has been deep in the trenches of persuasion, working out the knots and nuances of techniques that many just scribble about in theory.

Sure, he's got a few bestsellers under his belt on the subject, but it's the reputation, the word-of-mouth acclaim that truly sets him apart. A lot of people call him one of the top persuasion teachers of this era. 

Behind the scenes, he's been the coach in the corner for many renowned speakers, marketers, business owners and writers. Their ace up the sleeve? David himself.

In his book, The Persuasion Story Code, David draws a line in the sand. On one side, you have traditional stories – they're good, they entertain, they pull at heartstrings. 

But then you've got "$tories." These are the tight, impactful narratives that don't just make you feel, but drive you to act, to buy, to be convinced.

It's the difference between a binge-worthy TV saga and a pitch that seals the deal before you even realize you're nodding along. He's not spinning yarns here — he's crafted the blueprint to get you exactly what you're after.

Story VS $tory

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Grab Your 2 Free Chapters Of The Persuasion Story Code And Discover:

  • Discover the stark difference between classic stories that inform and entertain, and $tories that seamlessly infiltrate your listener's mind making them think and act as you want!

(You'd be shocked to learn how many seasoned salespeople and marketers are clueless about this critical distinction!)

  • The most lucrative persuasion story of all time — responsible for $2 billion in sales! Chances are high you've heard it. Maybe you've even been swayed by it without realizing it.
  • A $120 million Hollywood blockbuster versus a one-page comic strip from 1920 — you couldn't guess in a million years WHICH story ended up making more money... and most importantly — WHY!
  • Six Types of $tories: From sealing deals to captivating your audience, these six stories are your tickets to the realm of persuasion mastery.